Meet us at the theatre.

exchange projects have been resident artists in the Wick since July on the other side of Queens Yard.
Now see exchange projects take over The Yard theatre. Throughout the week they will work on site to build new structures, elaborate existing processes within the space (bar, kitchen, rehearsals) and invite people they’ve met throughout their residency in the Wick. Creating an illusory set where the constructs disappear to reveal a host of theatrical areas.

22nd October 7 till 12
Absurd props and live art influenced by the Yards current play ‘Return of the Exile’ meets with music, performance, and the Yards amazing food and drink set inside the installation of our take-over.
Meet us for an autumnal night at the theatre after the play ends. Exchange projects takes over the space utilising new areas created; the bar shows performance, bands play in the auditorium. The fenced in yard hosts acts and meetings outdoors late into this October
Bar and kitchen open at 7pm.
Play – the return of the exile starts at 8.  4 pounds entry.
ATTA WE! Sound and drawing performance 9-10 [bar]
LONG BONE TRIO [theatre] 10pm                   
BARE [fence]
 HM  [theatre] 11pm

The Dandy Down and the Raghouse Band [bar]11:30pm                         
Dalston Howl DJ set [bar]

Surprise performances from:
Erin Hutching, Sam Hacking, Joseph Steele and Tom Pinhorn.
INDUSTRY The fifth in the series of performance experiences that explore aspects of interaction between visitors. Isik . knutsdotter
Paper puppetry Large and oversized, they pull out from the ceiling and walls. Sadie Edginton
'Light up your Street' projected song lyrics Lucy Harrison from 9pm
Poly White’ Video piece by Jenine Kerr and Erin Hutching

Paprika Land - Puppet Show
Plus more from invited artists: Jessica Piddock, Eugene Pasa, Emma O’Connor

WORK   17th October  - 30th October

The Yard within a Yard - a fenced space will roam between the Yard and the Yard to host a series of meetings. Constructed out of 70 hand painted signs, generated by locals during the Hackney Wick Festival.  Louise Isik and Sadie Edginton
Fleeting Fortresses Illustrator Lucy Dalzell is collaborating with Graphic Designer Peter Field to visually document the transitional spaces around Hackney Wick.
Elevators Jack Brown will be shopping at Westfield shopping centre. Covertly filmed footage will be edited and projected in the space.
Work Units Jack Brown and Lucy Dalzell will produce perspex box frames that will at times be printing plates and will then become wall hung display units.
Exile An installation influenced by the theatre’s current play “The return of the exile” inspired by Ilya Repin’s painting ‘They did not expect him’. By Joanna Nowek..
Made in Queens Yard Blown up images from around Queens Yard taken by workers on disposable cameras. Project by Sadie Edginton
INDUSTRY Through a shifting pattern of interaction industry will translate the daily material and people qualities of the Yard into sound and colour experiences. isik.knutsdotter

for info about the Yard Theatre - how to get there and how to book a ticket for their plays go to

exchange projects are
Jack Brown, Lucy Dalzell, Sadie Edginton, Louise Isik Sayarer,
Joanna Nowek
and Eva Vikstrom