Dysarticulate was an Olympic Open Weekend Event.

Artists Jack Brown, Joanna Nowek and Sadie Edginton.

Together with members of the local community we made and planted flags along 'the cut' in Hackney Wick

wandering along the canal - planting flags, talking to people about what we were doing and encourging people to get involved - not only with the flags project - but also with the work we were planning at Exchange Project Space.

we ended up at 'A folly of a flyover' and made more flags, met a few more people and planted a few around the folly


finally we set back along the canal - revisiting some of the flags we had planted - adding some more and getting into a few more conversations about the project.

Quotes from flag day along Lea River and canalside and Folly for a flyover. Sat 23rd July

Old man walking along canal:
'what is it, you'll have to read it to me, I haven't got my glasses'
me: 'You can leave your mark'
walks off muttering: 'I've already made my mark darling'

Yazz, young asian family, carpenter lives in Clapton, really interested:
'we saw it and thought ideas planted in the ground'
Wants to get involved in community projects and building installations.

Cooltan Arts Open Weekend walkers:
'its nice because you see it and you don't know if its an art project or what. Its mysterious'
'How personalis that? Its her A-level notes, how personal is that'
man trying to decipher notes and words on Descartes pages.

'we're not local, but we'll do'
'come along way down'
'Isn't it just littering'

Passers by:
'Did you put a book cover in dog shit? It was very nice'

'Its littered enough without more rubbish down it'

Old man
'Can I sign it? Have you got a pen? I want to write my name on it'.

'I bet your artists are you?'
'whats this then?'
'Is there any particular reason behind the book choice?'


Flags made = approx 700

People making flags - 3x artists and approx 50 members of the public

About 150 people saw them on the day and there are images of the flags on display in our project space.