Exchange Artists.

Resident Artist

Inspiration for my work is largely taken from Old
European Masters, but I’m combining it with modern
issues and reality. I often take from past because I
think some motives in art remain unchanged—human
stays human after all. Civilisation, time passing are
changing a final look of art, but many inspirations and
fascinations stay the same.
I’m an incomer, and I’m trying to use that state/
experience/feeling in my present art. Living for a
relatively short time in England, I’m trying to capture
and bring out some sociological and cultural
situations natural and invisible to British citizens.
Concept for that came out of my community work
with Sebright Primary School in Hackney. I have
been helping pupils to investigate chocolate; learning
how far chocolate travels, transformation of it
through time, helping them to create their own
art—personalised packaging for chocolate. Observing
them as a group of 50 kids, getting to know them,
their school, their environment lead me towards
some conclusions captivated in my New British
Anthropology project.

Resident Artist

Making temporary prop-like sculptures, I use these
as starting points to investigate a building, locality
and to create a theatricality in their relationship to
the viewers encounter.
In more recent work I have begun to take things
to the streets to see what narrative develops,
inspired by a Francis Alys quote about cities being
a place where playful journeys lead you to surprise
encounters; you have to navigate around the
hazards and obstacles in your path.
I have become interested in this idea, setting up
situations often starting with something made,
where the outcome depends on who and what
you come into contact with.
For exchange I want to immerse myself in a
community setting, a local group, right on the
studios doorstep in Hackney Wick. To work in
unlikely ways, offering my own time and energy
to the group to facilitate their ideas, from having
a meeting, decorating their community space,
to baking cakes. As I get to know them and their
histories, I want to create some kind of archive of
their memories and also maybe go on a journey or
hold an event in the space. The end product could
be a video, photos, and maybe another creation will
develop, we’ll have to see...

Resident Artist

I work with interdisciplinary methods including
performance, sculpture and installation to investigate
the role of participation within artistic practice and
social issues. For the residency I will be working with
local community groups and individuals in Hackney
Wick to investigate the potential of collaboration.
My project will include joining the local rowing club,
attending community group meetings and inviting
members from groups to take part in installation
and performance workshops in the Exchange project
space. The outcomes of these investigations will
emerge as part of Hackney Wick and Hackney
Wicked festivals. Get in touch if you would like to
be part of this investigation!
For Hackney Wick Festival Henry Mulhall and I
will be hosting a symposium,
Ordinary Language:
Terminology / Slang. The symposium will interrogate
the effect and role of Language in communicating
art and art practices.

Resident Artist
I am an Illustrator based in East London. My work
is primarily focused on architecture and people in
the surrounding spaces. I am inspired by everyday
situations that can often seem insignificant and
mundane to many, and record these through an
exploration of medium. Drawing on location is
important to my practice as it helps to develop a
greater understanding of the places I try to recreate.
I have been working closely with Rushmore Primary
School in Hackney to gain an insight into how pupils
visualise the borough they live in. They initially
focused on familiar buildings within the Hackney area,
and developed these observations to create their
own streets using a mixture of medium, colour and
perspective. Pupils were also encouraged to think
about the people and city wildlife that often interact
with these buildings.

Jack Brown
Lead Artist

As my practice becomes more socially engaged,
as I start to manage projects, work collaboratively,
I’m interested in how I control/allow the collapse
of bounderies between work, art-making, employment
and making things I want to make.
Exchange project space is an attempt to help artists
see the value of working as a ‘local artist,’ and to
consider social engagement as an important and
enriching aspect of their practice. Exchange is also
trying to help the local community engage with the
Wick’s flourishing art scene. Moving away from the
idea of artists enriching or bettering the lives of
others. Moving towards local people and artists
understanding and valuing each other’s daily
challenges, methodologies and hard work.

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